Legal Council

Having worked as legal council in a company for more than 12 years I will be very pleased to give you legal advice in the fields of commercial and business law, civil and contractual law as well as trademark law.

  • I will draft and check your contracts and give you legal advice regarding future contractual designs.
  • In case you wanted to start your own company I will support you in order to find the best organizational and legal form.
  • If your plan is to buy another company I will support you with regard to your communication with the vendor and I will draft the necessary contracts for you.
  • Protecting your trademark against offences by third parties is becoming more and more important. My services also include legal advice with regard to your trademark protection.

In my work, I cooperate closely with the law firm Prinzenberg, Prien & Partner as well as with Ms. Chemnitz, specialist solicitor for familylaw.