Mediation / Conflict Management

Mediation is an important possibility to find an out-of-court solution for all kinds of conflicts.

I would be very pleased to give you more detailed information on this structured procedure in a preliminary meeting that is free-of-charge.

Foremost, mediation is appropriate whenever the parties would like to solve their dispute voluntarily and self-determined. This would then lead into a written agreement.

My main focus lies on conflicts in the field of commercial law, but I can also support you in any other legal dispute.

Since mediation is strongly influenced by the contents and the persons involved this is why no presumptions can be made as to to the duration and the costs. But you will be informed about the probable costs in a remuneration agreement that we will enter into before the mediation process starts.

From my experience, mediation is also a very good means in order to clarify and support your decision. It does not always have to be a critical conflict to implement this procedure.